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Each products has it’s own loading docks. We also double check the packaging and content during final departure. This way we ensure that the journey starts to our costumers in a reliable way.


After being frozen at -40 C the products are sent for packaging. All of our packaging equipment are material have TSE ( Türk Standartlar Enstitüsü ) Quality Certificates. This area extra hygienic and designed for fast work. The products are quicly stored at -25 C…


One of the most important fact of healty production is healthy personnel. An in house doctor regularly checks the personnel for possible health problems in our medical facilities. We archive all of the records for future use if nedeed.


Cesurlar Balık Market is primarily involved in export and import. Basides the products for export we also have products for domestic consumption. Our exports are EU countries such as Greece, Italy, France, Spain and to Russia. We can process 15 tons per day in our…

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