Cesurlar Balık Market is primarily involved in export and import. Basides the products for export we also have products for domestic consumption. Our exports are EU countries such as Greece, Italy, France, Spain and to Russia.

We can process 15 tons per day in our 2500 m2 facility. All of our products are processed and packaged according to our costumers requests. The production of healty and reliable products in our facilty is ensured by programs such as SSOP ( Safety Standart Operating Prosedures), GMP ( Good Manifactoring Practice ) and, HACCP ( Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points ).

The products that are below is produced in the healthiest way with the highnest quality.

  • Packing of fresh chilled with caught and fishes raised in farms.
  • Natural freezed, smoked and marinate farms of pelagic and deep sea fish.
  • Processing and packing of fresh and processed living bivalves.